Monday, February 6, 2012

QR Codes & Space Invaders

Is it just me or do web-generated QR Codes look like the figures from the Space Invaders game circa 1982?  Lame.  Last weekend, a work-around dawned on me, as I unrolled a recently-produced graphic for our Rotary Club, noticing the black/white “blocks” ruined the entire cohesiveness of the page…I grabbed the smartphone, pulled up the app, and started playing with outline shapes (see the “Final”/intent incorporating a circle), colors for adequate contrast, and dpi/resolution/crispness of the “blocks” themselves…Guessing I’m not the first to have thought/tried this, but here are examples of how I attacked the problem:
With a 30" x 40" Board/brown background, viewer's
eye skipped the text and went right to the QR Code

Substituted the white, added a contrasting color, and
adjusted the "surrounding" space

More relevant shape, coordinating color, and verified (via the App)
that the new QR Code was "legible" to the phone (catering to those
who are versed/use their phone to seek out weblinks)
Added tweak to add some relevancy from the logo

With some trial-and-error (mostly maintaining crispness of the code itself and figure/ground relationship/background color), I have drafts that fit-the-bill and do not detract (as badly as before) from the “whole” of a marketing board, especially considering the final “yard sign” contains fewer graphics with increased  opportunity to visually-detract from the overall.  I’ll apply this concept to future marketing graphics, appearing on a black/dark background, 

Off with the white!

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