Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Android as Business Card

While on-site last week, I had no peripherals but a potential Client inquired about Landscape Architecture and their, respective project…typically, this ended with a business card and a follow up phone call to schedule a visit (after they had perused the site).  Then it dawned on me as a new (2 months) user of this great “tool” – put that information on THE PHONE.

Here’s what I did:
I started with the usual, marketing scenario, collecting work examples of different project types, catering to my Client base.  I compiled a few basic .jpg’s, organized them by project type (separate albums) and uploaded to Google+.  Taking those same images, I compiled them as pdf’s offline, incorporating a QR Code into an “e-Business” card.  
eBusiness Card view - Note:  Be sure to test your QR Code (I used my wife's phone to verify it worked)
The successive images are all oriented "landscape" (same as the cover) taking advantage of the maximum screen size and native orientation in which most images were created.

Slide 1 in the Commercial / Office Work pdf.

This way the “Inquirer” (via Norton Scan, other) can scan the QR Code, directly from my phone screen, go to web address, and save it (vs. entering in the web address, by character).  Organizing this information on the phone, I created three directories in the Android root folder (by type) and incorporated “000-“ at the beginning of each folder name, “putting” them right at the top…(Once in My Files, be sure to hit Settings->List by->Name)...

Once they’re accessed through Adobe Reader, however, you see them under “Recently Viewed,” skipping the rest!
Recently Viewed listing (once Reader is opened)

“Poof” “Pow” “Bam”– within a few seconds, I have on-site access to media examples and can walk an Owner, right-then-and-there, through different fee scenarios, as I gauge the amount of work/Scope involved.  
Or, I can use this "e-Portfolio" (in any setting) after the question arises, “Do you have a business card?”  Now, I can grab the phone and pull up that information...Albeit, I’ll still carry hard copies, for now.

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