Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Geography Snobbery

Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing a former Landscape Architectural coworker in Naples.  What made the chance meeting funny was the questions the conversation evoked, as I walked away…If you aren’t a Designer, you have to understand that immediately after, “How have you been?” is “So…what are YOU working on?”  Now, the reply to this sets the entire conversational tone for the remaining discussion, and it ALWAYS involves geography.  I have no idea why, except to say that people tend to like the thought of planning or designing on thousands of acres versus a courtyard that is one-thousandths of an acre…you can always counter, with a well-publicized project; however, something is not quite the same, in terms of professional respect.  "You have not touched enough land to warrant my respect," may as well end the conversation...Why, on earth, do we focus on scale as a means of Project merit?

I do what I love and love what I do.  Simple enough.  I have designed projects/layouts which have multiple uses and encompass Sections of property, along with very High-end Residential Homes, and among the toughest (due to logistics) were Roof Deck Gardens (a.k.a. Green Roof, as the popularized term describes).  Those are completed and were finished while working at Other Firms, history.  If, however, you are not constantly at work on/in an “amazing” project scale, niche, or type - look out, peer judgment follows.  I honestly can not imagine myself doing anything else – seriously – you could give me something inside the confines of paper bag, provide me with a program or budget, and I’m off to-the-races!  I love it!  It’s problem solving, and when ‘overlaying’ this with Artistry, pure Nirvana is the result.  Whether it’s a construction detail, custom-designed for an individual Owner, or a revolutionary product, used for the first time, I bring something to the table. 

Sometimes it’s a little history.
Sometimes it’s a pure form.
Sometimes it’s a little personality.
Something new...Something me...And Something them…
Conceptual, affordable, and buildable...simple enough.

So as I walked away and pondered “what am I’m working on?,” I smiled and thought to myself that I really can’t imagine doing anything else…since every project is unique and the "final" path only reveals itself once the Project is finished…no matter how large or how small.

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