Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pondering options

The Process (continuation of previous blog)

Most Designers that are poor business people, just don’t know when to ‘put the pens down.’  This is unfortunate, since many creative elements are developed during the process, equally-occurring at the ‘beginning’ and at the ‘end.’  For ‘bursts’ of Design energy, I typically limit myself to 3-4 sketches which translate into options for an Owner.  However, you must also justify Design Fees in your particular, process.
For the purposes of this blog, the attached ‘free-thinking’ sketches have been enhanced; however, the original linework overlays would function just fine, independently, as ‘Thumbnail sketches.’  First, I began with a base.  This could be sketched while on-site, from memory, or from a photograph (typically the quickest)…Second, utilizing trace paper, only the ‘intervention’ or major elements were sketched in and assembled later, via layers, to create a series of overlays.  Channels, magic wands, and the like make this ‘merging process’ fairly easy and can help you avoid the same shape multiple times (note the pool coping which is similar in 2 options).  And again, if time is of the essence for your Project, keeping the images zoomed out, allows for speed and less precision, if inserting color and/or gradients.

The file created contain four groups, the base and options 1-3, which allows for quick ‘on-off’ function, when exporting and/or printing.  And finally, the composition of your Sheet comes into play – again, speed/less precision equates to smaller images.  They just look better.  To present the images within this, particular blog, I would certainly maintain an equal scale to provide the Owner with a quick ‘before/after’ reference and simply walk them through the changes…perhaps all four on one 11 x 17 or 24 x 36 sheet.

So what’s the big deal here?  Well, the wall & pool adjustments, on the final image, come with a major cost implication – that’s major demolition and reconstruction – this is ‘boundless thought’ (where my children helped me) – my own judgment did not limit the process.  For an Owner…unless they have specifically precluded against such a move…potentially, this could be Phased or simply admired for the fact that the option was presented in the first place!

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